On the Mic with Mike

On the Mic with Mike is a new video series from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). In these videos, the President of CIHR, Dr. Michael Strong, sits down with researchers to learn about their work, why they went into science in the first place, and what the future holds for their field of research.

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On the Mic with Mike #2: Reconciliation through research with Dr. Jonathan Dewar
In this episode of On the Mic with Mike, CIHR President Dr. Michael Strong sits down with Dr. Jonathan Dewar, the Executive Director of the First Nations Information Governance Centre. The two discuss culture, community, and Indigenous scholarship.

On the Mic with Mike #1: Heart to heart with Dr. Katey Rayner
In this episode, Dr. Michael Strong sits down with Dr. Katey Rayner, a researcher at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. The two discuss the "ah-ha" moment in undergrad that got Dr. Rayner started on the path to biomedical research, the importance of mentorship, and balancing career and family.

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