Become a College member

College members are recognized experts in their fields and are committed to the health research funding landscape. The College will facilitate member participation in peer review while ensuring predictable and manageable workloads. It will support members with learning and mentoring programs as well as review quality tools to promote excellence in peer review.

The College of Reviewers (College) began enrolment of full College members in June 2017. Initial enrolment efforts focused on individuals who fully meet the Membership Selection Criteria (listed below).

The current College membership base was built using a phased-in approach, which started with current and recently active CIHR reviewers, Chairs and Scientific Officers in major funding competitions, as well as Foundation grantees. Subsequent phases of enrolment focused on current and recent CIHR Nominated Principal Investigators, recommendations from Institutions, and self- nominations. Ongoing and future enrolment efforts will be more targeted to address any equity, demographic and expertise gaps in membership.

The College is working closely with the College Chairs to define membership progression into, as well as within, the College. Membership progression will encompass elements of review experience, learning activities and quality of reviews. The College Chairs will continue to oversee the enrolment process while shaping the direction of the College. Additionally, the College is working closely with research institutions to bolster participation and recognition.

Membership selection criteria

  • Indigenous Health Research

    Under development: Will be based on criteria and processes proposed by the Reference Group on Appropriate Review of Indigenous Health Research

    Appropriate peer review of Indigenous health research requires varied expertise from:

    • Elders, knowledge guardians and keepers;
    • Community-based Indigenous researchers working for and with their communities; and
    • Academic scholars - researchers engaged in Indigenous community health research.
  • Academics
    • Review experience: participated in at least two peer review roles at CIHR or other recognized organization
    • Knowledge and experience: Knowledge and experience within CIHR's mandate
    • Research/Professional experience: academic/professional appointment; and at least one federally funded (or equivalent) peer reviewed grant as a Principal Investigator
  • Knowledge Users
    • Review experience: participated in at least two peer review roles at CIHR or other recognized organization
    • Knowledge and experience: knowledge and experience within CIHR’s mandate
    • Research/Professional experience: academic/professional appointment (as appropriate)
  • Patients and Caregivers

    Under development: Work is underway to develop criteria that recognize patients and caregivers and the unique contributions they bring to peer review

Membership roles and responsibilities

In order to ensure the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity and transparency in peer review are upheld, the College Member Roles and Responsibilities document defines and clarifies expectations for members participating in peer review roles and activities on behalf of the College.

How to become a College member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the College or would like to nominate a candidate for consideration, we encourage you to contact us at All candidates will be assessed as per the Membership Selection Criteria and asked to complete a Reviewer Profile.

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